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Marketing by Design

Grow your aligned business with ease. 4 modules to attune you with more sales and less effort.


Are you ready to access your personalised marketing blueprint?

Marketing by Design is a next-level understanding of the science and energy behind your personal success in your business


We will cover 4 core areas:


♡ Foundations: How your business is set up to be in alignment with your energy


♡ Social Media: Allowing your energy to inform your social media so that you are super magnetic to dreamy soulmate clients


♡ Launching: Let's launch with ease, using your blueprint as the guide


♡ Funnels: Bringing it all together to create funnels that are validated and energetically correct for you


Lovingly sprinkled with a couple of bonuses too 

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Wealth Activation

Step into the frequency of Aligned Wealth with 3 videos of perspective-shifting, energy aligning, wealth activating magic. ONLY £22 on this page!


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